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In 2016, my wife Joanna and I opened our own CrossFit gym, All Kine CrossFit, and I began taking pictures of members there to promote the business. Pretty soon I discovered a love for photography, and quickly became the photographer, videographer and content creator for the gym. After a while, friends started asking me to do their couple and family portraits. I love photographing people, and this felt like a natural extension of what I was doing at the gym. They didn't want to hire a typical photographer. They just wanted to live their day, and have someone make it look incredible.

This style of letting people enjoy themselves is something I have taken with me throughout my professional career. Over 90% of my photographs are candids. I have found that my favorite shoots are portraits for couples and families, making use of the beautiful backdrop of Maui to give them the best memories of their trip to the island.

I love capturing authentic moments, and I pride myself on making people feel comfortable while I’m photographing them. I don’t like to step in and pose people, but rather let you guys enjoy yourselves. My job is simply to capture the emotions you feel in that moment.

I love taking candid pictures and capturing those moments which best show your love for one another. Photography allows me to capture the love between couples and families, and what better backdrop than the beautiful island of Maui.

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