Memorable Family Photo Session at Honolua Forest and Ironwoods Beach, Kapalua Maui: The Buell Family Adventure
July 28, 2023

Meet the Buell family - a lively, blended family with a taste for adventure, sports, and everything sweet. This unique family, consisting of 'his and hers' kids, with no 'ours', recently had a remarkable photo session at two of the most breathtaking locations in Maui - Honolua Forest and Ironwoods Beach, Kapalua. The family is made up of Patrick, the father, his son Ben (13), and his daughters, the twins Jillian and Carli (15). What sets this family apart is their love for travel and their strong faith. They cherish every minute they spend together, whether they're playing sports, working out, or simply enjoying each other's company. And when it comes to food, they have a shared love for chocolate, cookie dough, and anything matcha! The twins, Jillian and Carli, each have their unique passions. Carli is a free-spirited young lady who adores makeup and fashion, and has a knack for volleyball. Jillian, on the other hand, is a dedicated bookworm, a movie enthusiast, and just like her sister, she also loves volleyball. Ben, the youngest of the three, is the family's bundle of joy. This fun-loving goofball can light up any room with his antics. He plays baseball and is known to be quite an ornery little dude. All three kids share an unshakeable bond with their beloved dog, Vince – named after Vince Vaughn. They adore Vince so much that they wish they could bring him along on their travels to Maui! The Buell family's photo session at the enchanting Honolua Forest and the serene Ironwoods Beach in Kapalua, Maui, was an experience of a lifetime. The lush greenery of the forest and the pristine sands of the beach provided the perfect backdrop, capturing the essence of this lively, adventurous family. Here are some photos from our session.

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