A Heartwarming 'Survival' Photography Session with a Brave Family
July 1, 2023

I recently had the opportunity to capture some truly special moments with Anna, a 43-year-old mother living just outside of Seattle with her two daughters, Lilah (15) and Georgia (13). This year, life dealt some heavy blows to this beautiful family - the passing of the girls' father just after Anna's divorce. It's been a challenging time, but their resilience is nothing short of inspiring. In the midst of their struggles, they decided to embark on a 'survival' trip, a healing journey aimed at celebrating their resilience, togetherness, and also to honor their late father on Father's Day in a place he always wanted to take them. They were accompanied by two strong pillars of support, Anna's mother and her best friend, RuthAnn. Throughout the session, I was deeply moved by the tight bond they all shared. Their laughter, their tears, and their indomitable spirit were a testament to their strength and unity. The session was not just about taking pictures, but about capturing the essence of their journey, their shared pain, their collective hope, and their undying love for each other. To say that this session was fun would be an understatement. It was an incredible, life-affirming experience that reminded me of the power of love, resilience, and family. Each picture is a testament to their journey, a snapshot of their 'survival' and a celebration of their love. This wasn't just a photography session, it was a story of resilience and love being told through the lens of my camera. Each smile, each tear, and each loving look shared between them now frozen in time, forever reminding them of their strength, their bond, and their ability to overcome.

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